Jan. 13th, 2004


Jan. 13th, 2004 01:01 am
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Ok, I'm back at school

I love SBC. This is an awesome campus and I'm so glad to be back.

Classes this semster

Cultural Anthropology: Ok, not too sure about this one. Unforunately it's not a class that I'm too interested in. But the professor is awesome and I think that I will enjoy the class, thanks in large part to her. It was so funny to listen to her claiming that other fields of study are "ours" lol. Biology? "That's ours" History? "That's ours". You get the idea.

Comparative Politics: Ok, this is the one class that has actually managed to make me feel stupid in the first session. He gave us all a quiz to test our current event knowledge. How the heck am I supposed to know how long the Egyptian leader has been in power or how many prime ministers Japan has had in ten years?!?! However, since I will end up studying Great Britain for my country project, this class shouldn't be too bad - even if the reading is dull as all getout.

American Fiction: OMG, this may be the one class that I am going to adore. I love the professor, and the readings look interesting to me. We're actually going to be reading the Wizard of Oz - how cool is that? :) I'm excited.

Creative Writing: Ok, love the professor. Carrie Brown just rocks. Am not sure about the class itself though. Think this is going to be a back and forth course. I'm probably going to be on major highs and lows on this class - simply because it's my own writing that is not academic.

Will report about my last two classes when I actually attend them :)


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