Jan. 21st, 2004


Jan. 21st, 2004 06:17 pm
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Well, I'm sick.

Right now I'm calling it a cold. Just general stuffed nose, soreish throat and stuffed head.

Who knew that my nose was really a faucet? lmao.

In other news:

Love riding - missed it today because of the cold, but you know what? I'll be back Friday, cold or no. I miss Buttons (my mom calls him Zipper, claims no selfrespecting horse would go by Buttons - as if the horse had a choice lmao).

Shakespeare on Flim is an awesome class - I adore it. It makes up for not being able to take Shakespeare Twelve Plays. It's really amusing. We're reading Romeo and Juliet at the moment. Frankily, as much as it really kinda pains me to say, I really prefer the Leonardo DiCaprio/Claire Danes version better than all the others I've seen. The British version is much too dry in my opinion. The famous 1970 verison is good but just doesn't work for me. I don't think Shakespeare EVER meant us to see "Juliet;s" tits. Although, if I remember correctly, it did cause my High School Freshman English class a laugh. The nurse in it is good, and actually I think that's it. My ONE problem with the Leonardo version is the fact that they cut so much of the original text out. The casting was flawless (although, I actually might switch the nurses between the two versions) and the setting was perfect. I loved how the director used his different choices of colors for the costumes. Claire Danes had just the right mix of maturity and innocence that Juliet requires. Leonardo did a superb job as the Romeo. They had perfect chemistry together - and let's face it, if they hadn't it wouldn't have worked.

Mom's talking about getting another dog again. It's going to hapen, although probably not before May. Am mixed about it. I don't really want another puppy at the moment - haven't since we lost Katie :( - and since I'm often away at college now, I can't see me really bonding with the puppy. On the other hand, poor Yogi is very lonely nowadays and needs a friend. (and after she sent me a basket of goodies, how can I possibly refuse her? - so sweet of her). So a new addition to the Cox household is on the way.

Creative Writing is a blast for me. I'm actually really enjoying this last assignment and I can't wait to read it out loud to the class. I did fudge a little on it - HA you were right, it probably would have been the BSB. But for the sake of the assignment, it's Shania Twain. And techincally, I have sung and danced to both. It's my escape when I'm alone.

I'm really worn out at the moment. I don't think that I'm going to be 100% any time soon. Just as long as I don't miss class, I won't care. I'll sleep in on the weekends. Unless Tim is here, and then I'll curl up down in Reid Pit :).

I signing off. Hasta Pasta


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