Jan. 22nd, 2004

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Many thanks to my mom who sent a care package to me with stuff for a cold. Faucet is now on a mere trinkle load and I'm actually able to breath! Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles (Fiddler for those who didn't get the reference).

Am actually feeling like a big dork. Was rushing to get my mail before going to my Shakespeare class and I majorly tripped on the stairs coming down from Reid. So thanks to my klutzyness, I now have a bruise on my right shin and my left knee is really sore. Thankfully only one person (I think) saw it. I'll live.

Pondering point for the people who actually read this thing: Where in Romeo and Juilet is the climax? No one in my class could agree on it. Maybe there's more than one climax.
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OK, anything I ever said good about the Zefferelli version of Romeo and Juliet is offically taken back. That movie annoys the hell out of me.

One: Romeo

He CAN'T do the tearful scenes. Good LORD is he a bad actor! His voice is MUCH too soft and he's SO dorky. FLOWERS in his hand in the beginning?!!? Give me a BREAK.

Two: Juliet

ENOUGH with the clevage! Acting was decent until the end. Dude, Juliet's supposed to get stronger, more mature as the play goes on, NOT whiner! And the heavy breathing for NO apparent reason. And she CANNOT cry.

Give me the Leonardo/Claire version. At least there you can feel the heat, passion, love. Leonard/Olivia had NO chemistry whatsoever. What made it worse was that they were trying so hard to push the lust thing and it really didn't work.

The only reason to see this version? Leonard's butt which is seen for MAYBE two minutes. Ain't worth it girls, believe me. Go find your boyfriends, and oogle their behinds, save yourself the headache!


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