Feb. 12th, 2004


Feb. 12th, 2004 01:07 am
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Is God one particular identity? Is one religion the "right" religion.


God is beyond all of us humans. We cannot hope to even comprehend what he is like in truth. So for one religion to go "oh, God is like this, and all the other religions have it wrong. There's no way God can be like they say he is" is complete hogwash in my humble opinion.

That's just what caused 9/11, people. There is no understanding between religions. And misunderstanding breeds distrust and eventually hatred.

What is right and good for me is not right and good for my roomie. What is right and good for my roomie is not what is right and good for someone else.

God KNOWS we're all different. Do you REALLY think that He cares at all what we call ourselves? Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, WHATEVER. All paths lead to the same God.

This is why I've stopped going to church as often. I hate the prevailing Christian idea that God is one specific thing. We're human, people; we cannot hope to comprehend one-tenth of what God is truly like.

God loves us all. Muslim, Christain, Jew, etc. Black, white, yellow, pink, etc. Straight, gay, bi. To deny one group's perception of gGod is to deny God himself.

God sent his son to cleanse mankind of their sins. And Jesus came not just for a select group of people. He came so everyone could hear him. And we do.

When you say a kind word to a friend who's down, that friend is hearing Jesus. Our kind actions and words convey Jesus and his message of LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE much clearer than any church can hope to do if they cling to their notion of being the "true" faith.

If we had no religion, God would still be there. Maybe it would be much simpler. Our lifes are prayers in themselves. The fact that we can walk, talk, eat, sleep, etc is testament to the greatness of God. The fact that after every rain there is a rainbow is testament to His abiding Love.

Determining that people are sinners just because they don't agree with your way of thinking makes you no better than the Pharisees who masterminded the whole sham trial that Jesus had to undergo before being put to death.

I just hope that eventually one day we will all able to say calmly "Yes I believe in God" and not have the other person wonder "Well, does he/she believe in MY God?"

God is all-encompassing, universal, unifying, and accepting. We have no right to tell people how or what to believe, what God is completely like.

That's why He's God. And we're not.


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