Feb. 14th, 2004


Feb. 14th, 2004 09:30 pm
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I'm so nervous.

I've just pretty much completed the application for the Virginia Program at Oxford. There's not much to do left on it: Just print it out, sign a couple of things, and then hand it in.

I don't think anyone quite understands how much this would mean to me if I end up going. I have always adore England. My ideal is to live in London as a maternity nurse.

There's just something about the country of England that absolutely fasinates me. There is such diversity there. The culture's just teaming with different people, different experiences. My God, you have the stately and proper Queen of England being surrounded by disenchanted nudist protesting actors and actresses. That was such a hoot. Not that I actually SAW it, but it was being advetised the entire week I was in London. You have the London Eye, a modern Ferris Wheel, not all that far from where the Tower of London is. There is such a dicotomy in the culture.

I want to be a part of life. I want to taste it all. And that's possible in London :)


Feb. 14th, 2004 11:45 pm
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At last, I'm finished getting everything moved over here.

If you've buddied me, I've just buddied you. Thanks so much for caring to make me a member of your buddy list!! :)

Thanks also goes to my friend Jamie who made the icon that you're seeing - the Juliet. I love (as you probably already know lmao) that I love that version of Romeo and Juliet. So I decided it had to become my icon.

Tomorrow's going to be hectic with all the work I've got to do, but I'm really relaxed now.


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