Feb. 15th, 2004

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My mom has the interesting life ever.

She date Marlene Detrich's grandson, was in an R (AN R) rated movie!!!

She had hot chocolate with Mick Jagger and was offered a chance at being a backup singer.

I love my mother hehehe.


Feb. 15th, 2004 02:27 pm
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Am listening to the rumors regarding Sailor Moon as my roomie reads them. Am greatly amused by the navitee of some people. We really will believe anything if it makes us feel better huh?

My Joke

Feb. 15th, 2004 08:26 pm
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Man, this is like my fifth post in like 24 hours - funny lol. I can assure you that this won't be a daily thing.

But I do want to add my Justin TImberflake joke :)

Britney Spears, X-tina, Janet Jackson, and Cameron Diaz are brought to God and Saint Peter. Saint Peter explains that God will grant them each a wish.

Britney goes first. She says "I want bigger boobs so that Justin Timberlake will regret dumping my cheating ass and want me back"

God grants it; Justin drools.

X-tina goes next. She says "I want more slutty clothing so that Justin will want me instead of that witch."

God gives her the clothes, Justin goes on tour with her.

Janet Jackson is next. She says "I want a nipple ring so that Justin will like my boobs the best and prefer me to those bimbos."

God grants it; Justin makes an ass of himself.

Cameron Diaz comes next. She says "I want longer, stronger legs"

Saint Peter sighs and asks, "So Justin will want to be between them?"

Cameron looks ill for a moment. "Hell no. So I can run the hell away from him!"



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