Feb. 21st, 2004

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I'm completely freaked right now.

I'm at the Dell party when I see him. He is - was - there.

Normally, I could blow it off and just ignore him. He's nothing to me anymore and I really don't want anything to do him. I've tried to make it clear by keeping surrounded by people and not allow him to talk to me.

It didn't work.

My friend and I were going for a drink when he stops me and touches my arm. I can't understand him and he takes me - and my friend to a quieter place. Why in God's name I didn't just run, I don't know. Probably because I was in such shock that he was blind enough to attempt to approach me.

He hugs me. Immediately I can smell that horrible scent that should've been a warning to me last time around. He was drunk.

We talk, he mentions that it's like I don't want to be around him - ummm. . . .

I play nice, like my parents taught me. God damnit, I need to be to cuss guys out when a jerk approaches me. Obviously the playing nice isn't working.

Finally, FINALLY, he leaves. I turn to my friend and she's obviously thinking that the entire situation was completely off. We go back into the party for a bit, then decide it shouldn't be dropped and we go to talk to one of the staff at the party.

Thank God, the guy was taken off campus to the safety department. He won't be allowed back on tonight.

Unfortunately it's not permanent, and I'm really scared. I don't want to see him.

I'm going in on Monday to get him kicked off campus for good.


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