Mar. 24th, 2004

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Well, it's been an interesting bit since I've last updated.

Am greatly concerned for roomie at this point, and am equally willing to get it on "like donkey kong" as she says if her ex continues to be a coward. I've been declared her minister of war. That actually fits with my Irish blood. Believe me it was pumping after sending Tim THREE stats throughout the 2 1/2 hours that we were there to try to talk with him. I've promised myself, though, that I won't do a damned thing unless she tells me I can. Frankily, that's the only reason I didn't bust through the barraks to try to find him so that roomie could tell him her side of things. My bet is he was there and just was telling them to tell us he wasn't. Conveniantly enough, he didn't answer his cell either.

And I thought he was a good guy. He's looking more and more like a rat to me. And a yellow one at that.

Meanwhile, apparently my Roxy Bear is a jumping bean. Makes me homesick to know that I'm missing getting to see her do all those cute and fun things. Ah well, I only have like five weeks left before I get to see her again. That makes me happy - she's such a doll.

Here's looking down the barral of the end of the semster gun.

At this point in time, students go nuts. If I post within the next little bit, I'm probably going to be ranting or whining at the amount of work thst I have to get done before I can be free from school. Tensions will be high around here. Just hope I can keep my mouth shut and stay out of the fray as much as possibly.

Although, if Shakespeare Twelve Plays is filled for next semster by the time that I can register, I can make no promises.


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