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Apr. 3rd, 2004 12:33 pm
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More surveyness!
-My name is: Kelly
-nicknames: Kitten (my mom calls me this when she's being extra sweet)
-sex: Female
-birthday: 4/21/83
-color: blue
-star sign: Taraus
-place of birth: Winston Salem, NC
-current residence: Sweet Briar, VA
-hair color: brown
-eye color: brown
-height: 5'
-writing hand: Right
-do you bite your nails: no
-can you roll your tongue: no
-can you blow smoke rings: never tried
-can you blow spit bubbles: no
-can you cross your eyes: no
-tattoos and where: none
-do you make your bed daily: I try to. . . .does that count?
-what’s sexiest on a guy: uniforms!! Military ones!
-what’s sexiest on a girl: um, being a girl and straight, I don't really pay attention to this.
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: both
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: my hands
-do you cook: nothing complicated
-how often do you brush your teeth: once a day
-do you shower/bathe: ummm......duh!!!
-how long do these showers last: normally not long - unfortunately there are only two showers for thirty girls here - must be in and out in a decent amount of time
-hair drying method: I usually blow dry my hair until it's almost dry, then let it hair dry
-do you swear: yah, but not as bad as some people do
-do you pee in the shower: definitely not.
-what color is your bedroom: purplish blue
-do you use an alarm clock: yes but I often don't hear it
-name four things or people you're obsessed with: Harry Potter (H/H all the way), the BSB, school, family/friends/bf
-what’s your sleeping position: normally side, but I toss and turn a lot in my sleep
-what kind of bed do you like: in the middle - not too hard, but not too soft
-in hot weather do you use a blanket: yes
-do you sleepwalk: yes
-do you talk in your sleep: yes, and apparently I moan too *Shrugs
-how about the light on: sometimes
-do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: occasionally
-had sex: never
-watched bambi: several years ago
-cried: can't remember
-talked on the phone: today
-read a book: today
-is music important to you: very.
-do you sing: yes
-what instruments do you play: piano, voice
-what do you think of Eminem: Definitely wouldnt want to meet him on the street, but his songs have a nice beat
-in your opinion what band is the best of all time: . . . . pleading the fifth.
-pop music: yes
-rock music: depends
-punk music: some
-rap music: no
-country: yes
-jazz: yes
-classical: some
-new age: no
-hardcore: no
-indie rock: no
-emo: no
-Game: some
-Could you live without the computer?: yes. . . oh fudge, no I couldn't.
-What’s your favorite fruit?: cherries ;)
-What hurts the most: my imperfection
-Trust others way too easily? probably
Of times you have had your heart broken? once. . . but it really wasn't serious looking back.
Of hearts you have broken? honestly? I don't know.
Of girls kissed? none.
Of boys kissed? 3
Of drugs taken illegally? none
Of tight friends? 3
Of CD's owned? about 200
Of scars on my body? too many.
-I know: I am faulty
-I want: to be perfect
-I have: too many insecurites
-I wish: that I could leave all my worries and wants to God
-I hate: liars
-I miss: my Roxy
-I fear: needles
-I hear: the tv
-I love: my family, my close friends, my puppies, everyone I'm close too
-I care: too much
-I always: tend to talk too much
-I cry: when I am rejected by someone I care about
-I write: when I have something on my mind or if something interesting has happened
-I can usually be found: online
-Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: no.
-ARE YOU A...-
-Wuss: sometimes
-Druggie: no
-Gang member: no
-Daydreamer: umm. . . *points to title of lj
-Alcoholic: no
-Freak: maybe
-Brat: can be
-Sarcastic: can be - but don't normally succeed
-Goody-goody: in all arenas
-Angel: I try to be
-Devil: no
-Friend: yes
-Shy: depends on the situation
-Adventurous: sometimes
-Intelligent: I'm smart, but I'm no Einsten
-Your best feature [personality]: I care
-Most annoying thing you do: tend to be a lil overwhelming
-Biggest mistake you've made this far: being too tense
-Describe your personality in one word: passionate
-A smell that makes you smile: flowers
-A city you'd like to visit: Vienna
-A drink you order most often: Dr. Pepper
-The music you prefer while alone: pop
-A TV show you watch regularly: anything on TLC
Have you ever...
been drunk?: no
smoked pot?: no
kissed a member of the opposite sex?: of course
kissed a member of the same sex?: no
crashed a friend's car?: no
been to japan?: no
ridden in a taxi?: yes
been in love?: yes
had sex?: no
had anal sex?: no
had sex in public?: no
been dumped?: no
shoplifted?: no
cut?: class? yes anything else? no
been fired?: no
been in a fist fight?: no
had a threesome?: no
snuck out of your parent's house?: no
been tied up (sexually)?: no
been caught masturbating?: no
had sex with a member of the same sex?: no
been arrested?: no
made out with a stranger?: sorta yes. . .
stole something from your job?: no
celebrated New Year's in Times Square?: no
gone on a blind date?: no
lied to a friend?: well I've tried - but if u're my friend u know me well enough to know that I CAN"T LIE
had a crush on a teacher?: well, I've appreciated the fact that my Junior English High School teacher was - and is - good looking but beyond that no.
celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans?: no
been to Europe?: yes
skipped school?: a class yes, entire day? no.
slept with a co-worker?: no
had sex at the office (of the other person)?: no
had sex at your own office?: no
gotten married?: no
gotten divorced?: no
had children?: no


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