Apr. 5th, 2004

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I've spent the past thirty six hours in contemplation.

Yes, this whole situation hurt, and Wes, I know you weren't 100% honest with me.

But you know what?

I'm still me. I refuse to let myself sink into any type of depression.

You're just a guy.

And you know what?

Half the population is male. You're not special.
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Serena: Know what Raye?
Raye: Huh?
Serena: You were really something tonight.
Raye: Thank you!

Kigurimiko-Lemure: I'm missing something ..... *looks down at self* something very important!

Ami: Well, Mamoru has always been popular... even with boys...

Usagi: Can you see anything?
Luna: No. They've got the curtains closed!

Usagi: Say, yours is a little bigger, isn't it?

Chibiusa: Usagi's with Mamo-chan!
Rei: And they're going to do such a thing in a place like that.

Amy: We're the only ones on the ship without dates!
Raye: That doesn't mean we still can't have fun!

Tuxedo Kamen: That was great Sailor Moon. I'll remember what happened tonight.

Usagi: Wait.. did you take a peep at him?
Rei: *blushes*

Mamoru: I'm taking a bath, care to join me?

Michiru: There are some things only Adults can enjoy...don't you think Haruka?
Haruka: *Blushes and Coughs*

Haruka: I'm glad I met you...
Michiru: What?
Haruka: Lets keep on driving like this forever...I won't let you go tonight.
Michiru: Oh! My...

I'm highly amused.


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