Jan. 4th, 2004


Jan. 4th, 2004 12:41 pm
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OK, time for entertainment news - Kelly Style lol.

I've been amused and intrigued by some of the goings on of Hollywood.

1. Paris Hilton and. . . . Nick CARTER?

Ok, granted, I think he's extremely good looking. But I KNOW I'm in the minority. So what tha - is Paris Hilton doing with him!?!? He's apparently a slob, and his family has so many issues going on that you couldn't PAY me to get involved with them right now. He's rich?? Possibly. Milenium is still selling well, and I'm sure he's making a fine profit - along with the other Boys. But he's certainly not at the same level as Paris is! I mean, my GOD! Apparently she earned a buttload - JUST FOR BEING BORN! Funny thing is she's no prize either. Nick better watch her partying and make sure she's not carrying any cameras around. My bet? This couple won't last.

2. Michael Jackson.

Ok, here I'm mixed. I'm probably as confused about what to think about the whole issue as he is about what race he is! hahahaa. Anyway. He's being charge with child molestation. Now, do I really think he did it? No. Apparently, the "victim" and his mom didn't CHARGE him. I do think the DA has some bad blood against Michael and I really feel sorry for him. But come on, it's Michael. As much as you have to admire him, you have to be a lil put off by him as well, no matter what anyone says. The guy's just a little off. My opinion is that it's because of how he was raised. I seriously doubt that any kid who grows up in the limelight like he has is EVER going to be normal. So we'll just have to wait and see. My bet? The accusors just want money.

2. Britney Spears - MARRIED?!

OK, let me start off by saying this: I don't her. Britney, from the beginning of her second album has become a major slut in the way she dresses. Granted I do think you have a right to wear whatever you want - but she's got twelve and younger kids watching her, wanting to dress like her, etc. Shame on her for setting a bad example. (And the same can be said for a lot of celebs.) Now. She claims she's a virgin, that marriage is very important to her, etc, etc. Along comes the infamous Justin. Ooops! there goes the virginity. In her defense though, Justin was a complete ass about the whole thing. (You do NOT go and blab to all the world that you slept with someone!) Now I read that she got married as "a joke that went too far?" WTF!!!!! OK, did becoming a pop star make you lose ALL your morals Britney? Ooops. Yes you did it again.

4. Crocodile Hunter and son.

OK, Steve's a risktaker. He wrangles crocodiles for cripe's sake. You can't get more risky than that. However, he - according to the video - brought his son into the act. The video shows him holding his newborn son in one arm, and a dead chicken in the other hand as the crocodile snapped for the food. People are outraged about it. Well come on people. Bindi (Steve's daughter) and Bob (the baby) are LIVING IN THE ZOO. If they don't get acclimated to the area, problems could happen for the family. Steve's in his rights to bring that baby in there. The kids have to know that crocodiles, while not monsters, are dangerous and can possibly kill you. And I garuntee you that we'll be watching Bob become the next Crocodile Hunter.

I think that's all for entertainment.

Hey guys - if you're thinking about becoming a priest/minister/rabbi/etc., please please PLEASE learn how to speak. That sometimes can make or break a service. We had people falling ASLEEP today in church. The sermon went on forever. So do your congregation a favor and take public speaking courses. Thanks.

Cannot wait to get back to school - definitely miss talking to roomie, and my other friends. NO ONE'S ON. Either everyone's blocked me (Doubtful) or everyone's away on vacation (likely). In that case, have fun everyone! Hope everyone's had a fabulous Christmas and New Year's.

Hasta Pasta.


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