Apr. 6th, 2004


Apr. 6th, 2004 11:47 pm
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I have had to write some poems for Creative Writing class. Am posting them here. If you want, reply and tell me what you think about them!

Cold Whiteness

Winds howling, beating against the window
Snow blankets the world
Cold whiteness
Freezing people out.
Trees barren, naked against the landscape
Dreams long dead and buried
It’s too cold to go outside
The people huddle inside around fires
Which offer no respite
No foot stirs
Where is the little deer
That played outside only yesterday?
Where is the bluejay
Who sang so gaily?
Where are the children
And their bright laughter
There is no sun, no rainbows
Only grey skies grace the heavens
Snow continues to fall
Only more coldness to come
Yet, somewhere in the dead forest
A rose blooms.

Ode to Sleep and Dreams

Cuddled up deeply in the blankets
Burying my head in the pillow
Five more minutes to dream
I am warm and cozy in my bed
Too soon I know I will be up and out
In the cold harsh world

Dreams Disappear

Arms encase me lovingly
I hear a soft voice tell me
“You are loved and you are home”
I feel the certainty of this
As sure as I am alive

Then my alarm awakes me
There are no arms
No soft voice
No certainly of that love
For which I long.

I cry to sleep once more.

Yet I live my life
Go to class, go to work
I am surrounded and yet alone
So I wait for the night
At least in my dreams
I am loved like that.

Lady Jane

Lady Jane, barely a woman,
Did you know what awaited you?

Did you, could you, know
Know that your parents would abuse you?
That you would be forced into
A loveless marriage?
That your cousin would put
You to death?

If God is merciful,
You never knew.
You lived your life
Happy and carefree

A happiness that would too soon
Be ripped from you
As you entered that cold room
Surrounded by people
Who neither loved you nor cared for you.

Lady Jane,
I hope you are happier where you are
I hope you found the peace you needed

Your quiet and gentle strength
Is a model to us all.


Please mom, just five more minutes
One more chapter
Who could help losing one’s self
In Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen, Montgomery
It is a world where everything is
Possible – realistic

I can fly away to Verona
Get Friar Laurence’s letters to Romeo
Save him and his Juliet
Happily ever after is possible
Or I could travel to – Shire
And slap Rochester’s face
For lying to Jane for so long
Offer her food and comfort,
Shelter during the rainy night
Or I could go and stop Lydia
Make her see what a mistake
Running away with Wickham would be
Or go to Avonlea
And stroll down Lover’s Lane
Or race through the Haunted Wood
With Anne and Diana
It does not matter who I meet
Or where I end up

I read and I am free
I dream and I am

Class Goes On

Class goes on, endlessly on and on.
The clock ticks silently on towards infinity.
The teacher drones on, filling students with
The learning he has learned to teach forever.

She tries to pay close attention to him.
She knows that the material will be
On a test, needed for an essay, or both
But her dreams call her from deep within.

She is Jane Eyre, standing with Rochester
Or Anne, finally acknowledging her heart.
She is Queen Elizabeth I, ruling over England.
She is tall, thin, blonde, beautiful, desirable.

Suddenly the teacher calls out to her.
Her beautiful dream world is destroyed.
She must come back to the real world,
And answer the teacher as best she can.

Class goes on, endlessly on and on.
The clock ticks silently on towards infinity.
The teacher drones on, filling students with
The learning he has learned to teach forever.

Oh, and Emily Dickinson has found her way back to me lol. More models for inspiration - I'm liking writing poetry.


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